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    Our Typical 2014 Client Saved $400 a Month in Forgiveness! 
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    Why is My Education Solutions so different:
    Were you aware that your Service Provider receives a percentage of what you pay every month?
    Education Solutions takes 0% of your monthly payment and it cost $0 to enroll.

    In today's marketplace, college degrees cost more than the salaries being offered.  Many people qualify for  Forgiveness programs which are available in any industry.  Service Providers lose money if you enroll in a Forgiveness Program so they rarely qualify you for them.

    Who are we?
    My Education Solutions' Certified Debt Experts specialize in Reducing your Debt and Qualifying individuals and Parents for Forgiveness Programs.  We are not an impersonal call center but a team of 14 highly trained professionals in San Antonio, Texas who have been helping consumers with their personal debt and finance issues for more than a decade.

    As your personal consumer advocate we look out for your best interest and make sure that the My Service
    Providers are providing you with the lowest rates for which you are qualified.  In 2014,  Education Solutions saved our Clients over $40 million dollars by correcting overcharges by the Service Providers like Navient/Sallie Mae, Great Lakes, AES, ACS, Nelnet and FedLoans.

    What we offer?
    My Education Solutions offers free quotes without any obligation, so you can discover all your options without commitment.  Many people in all industries qualify for Forgiveness programs but Service Providers rarely enroll them because the Service Providers lose money if they do.

    Having counseled thousands of people with student loan debt; when we accurately qualify someone for a 10 year Forgiveness Program, the Service Provider 9 out of 10 times has placed them in a 25 year plan at the same monthly rate or claimed they didn't qualify at all.  Let us check to make sure you're not going to overpay your student loans. Enrollment is free to you so why not find out the truth.

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    All counselors are certified under IAPDA, the International Association of Professional
    Debt Arbitrators, which is considered the industry's gold standard.